Tata Technologies IPO, Date, Price, GMP, Lot Size, details, Share Price, Upcming IPO Date,
Tata Technologies IPO, Date, Price, GMP, Lot Size, details, Share Price, Upcming IPO Date,

Tata Technologies IPO, Date, Price, GMP, Lot Size :Why You Should Apply ?

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Tata Technologies was founded in 1989, as the automotive design unit of Tata Motors. It was hived off as a separate company in 1994, with Tata Motors continuing to hold a majority stake and be its biggest client. Tata Technologies has over 10,000 employees and offices in over 25 countries.
Tata Technologies provides various services to industries like automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and more. Their offerings include product design and engineering, manufacturing solutions, and IT services. They work with companies around the world to help them innovate, design, and develop products and solutions that meet the demands of their respective markets.

Business of Tata Technologies Limited

Tata Technologies operates on a business model that focuses on providing engineering and IT services to various industries, primarily in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and manufacturing sectors. Here are the key components of their business model:

  1. Engineering Services: Tata Technologies offers a range of engineering services, including product design, development, and validation. They assist clients in designing new products or enhancing existing ones to meet market demands and industry standards.
  2. Manufacturing Solutions: The company provides manufacturing solutions that optimize production processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This includes services such as process simulation, plant layout design, and digital manufacturing technologies.
  3. IT Services: Tata Technologies offers IT solutions to support their clients’ business operations. This can include software development, enterprise application integration, and IT consulting.
  4. Global Presence: With a widespread global presence, Tata Technologies operates in multiple countries to serve their clients effectively on a global scale. This enables them to tap into different markets and cater to clients’ diverse needs.
  5. Innovation and Collaboration: The company emphasizes innovation and collaboration. They often work closely with their clients, acting as strategic partners to co-create solutions that address specific challenges and opportunities.
  6. Industry Focus: Tata Technologies focuses on specific industries, allowing them to develop deep domain expertise. This specialization helps them understand industry trends, challenges, and requirements more effectively.
  7. Client Relationships: Building strong and lasting relationships with clients is a core aspect of their business model. By understanding their clients’ needs and objectives, Tata Technologies aims to deliver tailored solutions that add significant value.
  8. Talent and Expertise: The company’s success is driven by its talented workforce. Tata Technologies employs engineers, designers, technologists, and domain experts who bring their skills and knowledge to create innovative solutions.
  9. Technology Integration: Integrating cutting-edge technologies like 3D modeling, simulation, virtual reality, and data analytics is central to their approach. These technologies enable them to provide efficient and effective solutions to clients.
  10. Sustainability: As sustainability becomes increasingly important, Tata Technologies may also integrate environmentally friendly practices and solutions into their business model, aligning with global trends and client expectations.

Tata Technologies Limited Company Details

Company NameTata Technologies Limited
SectorEngineering and IT services
Key PersonDeepinder Goyal (CEO & MD)
Market Cap10,852 Crores Rs.
Revenue4,414 Crore Rs
Official WebsiteClick Here
Tata Technologies Details

Tata Technologies IPO

After 19 years Tata Group comes with an IPO of Tata Technologies Limited, Market is very positive about this IPO.
Tata Technologies IPO already get SEBI approval for demerge from Tata Motors & apply for New IPO.
After 30-45 Days Tata Group will comes with Tata Technologies IPO.

Tata Technologies IPO Date

IPO DateNovember 22, 2023
Listing DateAfter 3 days from IPO Date
Face Value₹2 per share
Price280 to 300 per share
Lot SizeMin. Rs. 12500 to Rs. 15000
Total Issue Size95,708,984 shares
Offer for Sale95,708,984 shares
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Listing AtBSE, NSE

Tata Technologies IPO Price

Market cap of Tata Technologies is Rs.11000 Crores, The company’s revenue grew by 22% to ₹4,733.4 crore, while its net profit grew by 74% to ₹624.03 crore.
According to market analyst Tata Technologies comes up with IPO price between Rs.280 to Rs.300.

Tata Technologies IPO GMP

“IPO GMP” stands for “Initial Public Offering Grey Market Premium.” It’s a term used in the context of financial markets and initial public offerings (IPOs), The Grey Market refers to an unofficial, over-the-counter market where shares of an IPO are traded before they officially list on a stock exchange.
In Grey Market Premium Tata Technologies share trading of Rs.84 which is Rs.16 less than Previous Week.

Tata Technologies Financials

key highlights of Tata Technologies’ annual results for FY2022-23:

  • Revenue: ₹4,733.4 crore, up 22% from ₹3,895.8 crore in FY2021-22
  • Net profit: ₹624.03 crore, up 74% from ₹360.71 crore in FY2021-22
  • PAT margin: 13.1%, up from 9.3% in FY2021-22
  • Order book: ₹10,079 crore, up 30% from ₹7,750 crore in FY2021-22
  • Backlog: ₹8,600 crore, up 25% from ₹6,875 crore in FY2021-22
Period EndedTotal AssetsTotal RevenueProfit After TaxNet Worth

Tata Technologies IPO: Why You Should Consider Applying

The investment world is abuzz with the news of Tata Technologies’ upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). As a subsidiary of the renowned Tata Group, Tata Technologies has carved its niche in the global engineering and IT services sector. If you’re contemplating your next investment move, here’s why you should seriously consider applying for Tata Technologies’ IPO.

  1. Strong Backing of Tata Group: Tata Group’s reputation is synonymous with trust, reliability, and success. Tata Technologies, being a part of this conglomerate, benefits from the group’s vast resources, diverse portfolio, and strategic guidance. This strong backing adds an element of stability and credibility to the IPO, making it an attractive opportunity for investors.
  2. Global Presence and Industry Expertise: Tata Technologies has a robust global presence, with operations spanning across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With expertise in automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and more, the company has demonstrated its ability to cater to a wide range of industries. This diversified approach can potentially safeguard your investment from industry-specific fluctuations.
  3. Engineering and IT Services Demand: In today’s technology-driven world, engineering and IT services are in high demand. Tata Technologies excels in offering services such as product design, manufacturing solutions, and IT services. As industries continue to innovate, the demand for such services is poised to rise, boding well for the growth potential of the company.
  4. Innovation and Collaboration: Tata Technologies thrives on innovation and collaboration. By partnering with clients to co-create solutions, the company maintains a proactive approach to addressing industry challenges. This emphasis on innovation positions Tata Technologies as a forward-thinking player in the market, potentially leading to sustained growth in the long run.
  5. Potential for Global Expansion: With its global footprint, Tata Technologies is well-positioned for further expansion into emerging markets. As economies evolve and industries develop in regions like Asia and South America, the company’s expertise and experience can be leveraged for new opportunities, translating into potential growth for investors.
  6. Strategic Use of Funds: IPOs often raise capital for specific purposes. In Tata Technologies’ case, the funds raised through the IPO could be utilized for business expansion, research and development, technology upgrades, and strategic acquisitions. These initiatives could fuel the company’s growth trajectory and potentially enhance shareholder value.
  7. Track Record of Success: Tata Technologies’ track record in delivering engineering and IT solutions speaks volumes about its capabilities. The company’s history of successful partnerships with global clients showcases its ability to add value and drive positive outcomes. This track record can instill confidence in investors looking for a reliable investment opportunity.


What is Tata Technologies IPO and why is it in the spotlight?

Tata Technologies IPO refers to the Initial Public Offering of shares in Tata Technologies, a global engineering and IT services company. It’s gaining attention due to Tata Group’s reputation, the company’s industry expertise, and its potential for growth.

How can I apply for the Tata Technologies IPO?

To apply for the Tata Technologies IPO, you can follow the application process through your preferred stockbroker or online trading platforms Groww & Zeorodha . Keep an eye on official announcements for specific details.

What are the key services offered by Tata Technologies?

Tata Technologies offers a range of services including product design, engineering solutions, manufacturing optimization, and IT services across various industries.

What is the Grey Market Premium for Tata Technologies IPO?

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) for Tata Technologies IPO indicates the difference between the unofficial trading price in the Grey Market and the IPO price. It reflects market sentiment before the official listing.

What are the potential benefits of investing in Tata Technologies IPO?

Investing in Tata Technologies IPO can provide exposure to a reputed company within the Tata Group, access to a global industry leader, and the potential for capital appreciation as the company grows.

Is Tata Technologies’ IPO a safe investment?

Like any investment, there are risks associated with Tata Technologies IPO. It’s important to do your research, assess the company’s financials, and consult financial experts before making a decision.

What is Tata Technologies’ track record in the industry?

Tata Technologies has a proven track record of delivering engineering and IT solutions to various industries, showcasing its capabilities, expertise, and ability to add value to clients.

How does Tata Technologies prioritize innovation?

Tata Technologies emphasizes innovation through collaborative partnerships with clients to address industry challenges and provide cutting-edge solution

What role does Tata Group play in Tata Technologies’ IPO?

Tata Group’s reputation and backing bring credibility and stability to Tata Technologies’ IPO. The group’s resources can potentially support the company’s growth initiatives.

What can potential investors expect in terms of post-IPO growth strategies?

Tata Technologies may utilize IPO funds for expansion, research and development, technology upgrades, and strategic acquisitions, which could contribute to future growth.

What is the Tata Technologies listing date?

Tata Technologies listing date will be After 3 days of IPO Launch Date.

What is the issue size of the Tata Technologies Limited IPO?

Issue Size of Tata Technologies IPO is an offer for sale of 95,708,984 Equity Shares.

What will be the Tata Technologies Ltd. IPO lot size?

Minimum Lot Size of Tata Technologies Limited IPO is 50 Shares (approx)

What is Tata Technologies IPO Date ?

Tata Technologies IPO open Date is November 22, 2023.

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