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PNB Share price target 2025 India
Is the PNB’s share a good choice for long-term investment? Is it the right time to buy the Punjab National Bank’s share? Can profit be made from this stock in a short time?
Friends, if you are also searching for answers to all these questions on Google, then you are in the right place. Today in this article we will discuss in detail about the future of Punjab National Bank shares, we will find out the estimated PNB share price target for year 2025.

PNB Overview

Punjab National Bank (PNB), established in 1894, is one of the oldest and most prestigious public sector banks of India. It is the first indigenous bank of India. With a rich history of over a century, PNB has played a vital role in the economic development of the country. Has played an important role in development.
Following the amalgamation of e-OBC and e-Corp Bank with effect from 01.04.2020, PNB has expanded its presence across India. As of the end of December 2022, the bank has a total of 45,613 distribution channels with a network of 10,049 domestic branches, 2 international branches, 12957 ATMs and 22607 business representatives. PNB’s gross global business is Rs. 20,67,116 crores. The bank continues to dominate low cost CASA deposits with a share of 43.72%. The Bank’s focus has been on qualitative business growth, recovery and prevention of new downturns.

Factors Considering for PNB share price target 2025

We considering following factors for PNB share price by 2025

Company-Specific Factors:

  • Financial Performance:
    • Profitability: Will analyze the recent profitability trends of PNB including its net income, return on equity (ROE), and return on assets (ROA). By seeing the improvement in these metrics we can check the financial health of PNB.
    • Asset Quality: It is also important to assess the non-performing asset (NPA) ratio of the bank as a lower NPA ratio indicates better credit risk management and potentially higher future earnings.
    • Operational Efficiency: We will evaluate PNB’s cost-to-income ratio and branch productivity to see how lower ratios suggest better cost control and efficiency, which certainly translates into higher profitability.
  • Growth Strategies:
    • Retail Banking Focus: 
      Will analyze PNB’s plans to expand its retail banking footprint through branch network expansion and digital initiatives, growth in retail loans and deposits given by the bank could boost future earnings.
    • Corporate and SME Banking: Will assess PNB’s strategy for lending to meet the needs of retail banking as well as the corporate and small and medium enterprises (SME) sectors of the bank. Increased lending by the bank to these sectors can provide higher margins and diversify the loan portfolio.
    • Technology Adoption: Evaluate PNB’s investments in digital technologies such as mobile banking and online platforms to enable better customer digital experience and increase operational efficiency at lower costs and time.
  • Risk Management:
    • Capital Adequacy: Analyze PNB’s capital adequacy ratio (CAR) to assess its ability to absorb potential losses. The bank’s capital adequacy ratio (CAR) stood at 15.5%, with Tier-I CAR of 12.69% and CET I Ratio of 11.22% as on March 31, 2023.
    • Stress Testing: Will evaluate the performance of PNB in ​​various stress scenarios like economic recession, fraud, covid. The bank’s preparedness for such scenarios can boost investor confidence.

Valuation Factors:

  • P/E Ratio: The P/E ratio of Punjab National Bank for current financial Year is 22.14.
  • Price-to-book (P/B) ratio: P/B ratio is 1.13.
  • Net NPA : Bank’s Net NPA reduces from 4.42% to 2.72% from 3 year to Previous Year.
  • Advance Growth: Year on Year basis Advance Growth of Bank is 14.10%.

PNB Share price target 2025

Punjab National Bank shares has given its investors a profitable return of 71.29% in the last 1 years and 68.80% in the last six months. PNB’s growth story continues to grow, with its strong financial performance, strategic focus and digital initiatives, the bank has been growing steadily over the years.
Profit growth of Bank is 95.37% for 3 Years and ROE growth of Punjab National Bank is 2.79% for 1 Year & 3.22% for past 3 years.
by considering all theses technical & non technical parameter, we predict that PNB share will show growth in year 2025.
As per our analysis PNB share price target for 2025 will be Rs.840 & Rs.980.

PNB Share Price Target 2025Price
January 2025₹140
February 2025₹142
March 2025₹145
April 2025₹146
May 2025₹149
June 2025₹152
July 2025₹154
August 2025₹157
September 2025₹163
October 2025₹169
November 2025₹171
December 2025₹172

Note:- “That these share price targets for “PNB Share” are only provided for the purpose of reference and that this prediction will only hold true in the event that there is optimism in the market. Any uncertainties regarding the company or the current state of the global market will not be addressed in this analysis.”

Strong Points to Buy Punjab National Bank Share for 2025

Following Strong points of PNB share for 2025

  • Bank CASA stands at 41.99% of total deposits..
  • PNB has Good Capital Adequacy Ratio of 15.50%.
  • Bank given good Profit growth of 95.37% over the past 3 years.
  • Strong Advances growth of 20.76% in the last 3 years.
  • Punjab National Bank Net NPA % only 2.72%.

Weak Points to Buy PNB Share for 2025

Following Weak points of Punjab National Bank share for 2025

  • Company has a low ROE of 3.22% over the last 3 years.
  • Bank has High Cost to income ratio of 51.69%.
  • PNB Increase in Provision and contingencies of 10.92% on YoY.
  • Bank has a Poor ROA track record. The ROA of PNB is at 0.18 %.

PNB Share Price Target 2025 by Motilal Oswal, Moneycontrol, Walletinvestor

Sr. NoAnalyst NameShare Price Target
1Motilal OswalDoes Not Declare Yet
2MoneycontrolDoes Not Declare Yet
3WalletinvestorDoes Not Declare Yet

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