idfc first bank share price target 2025, idfc first bank share price target 2025 india, idfc first bank share price prediction 2025
idfc first bank share price target 2025, idfc first bank share price target 2025 india, idfc first bank share price prediction 2025

IDFC First bank Share Price Target 2025, Buy or Sell?

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idfc first bank Share price target 2025 India
Is the idfc first bank‘s share a good choice for long-term investment? Is it the right time to buy the idfc first bank‘s share? Can profit be made from this stock in a short time?
Friends, if you are also searching for answers to all these questions on Google, then you are in the right place. Today in this article we will discuss in detail about the future of idfc first bank shares, we will find out the estimated idfc first bank share price target for year 2025.

idfc first bank overview

IDFC First Bank, formed in 2018 through the merger of IDFC Bank and First Bank, has emerged as a dynamic contender in the Indian financial landscape. With a distinct focus on innovation and customer-centricity, it’s carving its own niche in the crowded banking space.
While catering to a broad range of retail and corporate banking needs, IDFC First Bank stands out with its specialized offerings in segments like infrastructure finance, wealth management, and cross-border trade finance. This niche focus and expertise attract targeted customer segments.
IDFC First Bank prioritizes tech-driven solutions, offering a seamless digital banking experience through its integrated mobile app and net banking platform. Its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) empowers personalized financial solutions and efficient operations.

Factors Considering for IDFC First Bank share price target 2025

We considering following factors for idfc first bank share price by 2025

Company-Specific Factors:

  • Growth in Loan Book and Deposit Base: Sustained growth in the bank’s loan book and deposit base will be crucial for generating revenue and maintaining profitability. Factors like economic conditions, effectiveness of marketing strategies, and product offerings will impact this growth.
  • Differentiated Product Strategy: The success of IDFC First Bank’s niche focus in segments like infrastructure finance, wealth management, and cross-border trade finance will determine its ability to attract and retain specific customer segments, differentiating itself from broader competitors.
  • Digital Banking Performance: The efficiency and user experience of its mobile app and net banking platform will be key to acquiring and retaining digital-savvy customers. Continuous innovation and improving user interface will be important.
  • Asset Quality and Risk Management: Maintaining healthy asset quality and effective risk management practices will be crucial for protecting shareholder value and investor confidence. Non-performing assets (NPAs) need to be controlled.
  • Competition and Market Share: The Indian banking sector is highly competitive. IDFC First Bank needs to effectively compete with established players like HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank, as well as emerging fintech companies, to gain market share.

Valuation Factors:

  • P/E Ratio: The P/E ratio of Idfc first bank Limited for current financial Year is 21.38.
  • Price-to-book (P/B) ratio: P/B ratio is 2.04.
  • Return on Equity (ROE): The ROE of company is 10.44.The bank’s ROE measures its profitability and efficiency in generating returns for shareholders. A higher ROE compared to peers would be favorable.
  • Market Sentiment and Analyst Estimates: Overall market sentiment towards the Indian banking sector and specific analyst recommendations for IDFC First Bank can influence investor behavior and share price movement.

IDFC First Bank Share price target 2025

idfc first bank shares has given its investors a profitable return of 105% in the last 5 years and 66.78% in the last one year. In today’s time, the reputation of bank has become very good, idfc first bank giving competition to all other banks among private sector banks.
IDFC First Bank has now become a mid corp company, its business is growing along with retail as well as in the corporate sector, The bank is focusing on new branch and channel partnerships to expand its retail banking services and is trying to increase its retail loan portfolio.
Revenue Growth of is 11.39% for past 3 year & 7.21% for one year. ROE growth of idfc first bank Limited is 10.44% for 1 Year & 4.44% for past 3 years. Net NPA of Idfc for one year is 0.86%.
by considering all theses technical & non technical parameter, we predict that IDFC First Bank share will show growth in year 2025.
As per our analysis IDFC First Bank share price target for 2025 will be Rs.135 & Rs.185.

idfc First Bank Share Price Target 2025Price
January 2025₹135
February 2025₹142
March 2025₹145
April 2025₹149
May 2025₹153
June 2025₹158
July 2025₹160
August 2025₹164
September 2025₹166
October 2025₹169
November 2025₹176
December 2025₹185

Note:- “That these share price targets for “idfc first bank Limited Share” are only provided for the purpose of reference and that this prediction will only hold true in the event that there is optimism in the market. Any uncertainties regarding the company or the current state of the global market will not be addressed in this analysis.”

Strong Points to buy idfc first bank limited Share for 2025

Following Strong points of idfc first bank to buy share for 2025

  • Profit Growth of Company is 41.79% for past 3 years.
  • CASA stands at 49.77% of total deposits.
  • Good Capital Adequacy Ratio of 16.82%.
  • Strong Advances growth of 21.04% in the last 3 years.
  • Technology-driven Solutions: Focus on AI/ML for personalized finance and improved operations can provide a competitive edge and attract tech-savvy customers.
  • Specialized Product Offerings: Expertise in areas like infrastructure finance, wealth management, and cross-border trade attracts specific customer segments and generates higher margins.
  • Strong Governance and Transparency: Builds trust and attracts investors seeking ethical and transparent practices.

Weak Points to buy idfc first bank Share for 2025

Following weak points of idfc first bank to buy share for 2025

  • Asset Quality Risks: Managing non-performing assets (NPAs) effectively will be key to protecting shareholder value and investor confidence.
  • Limited Branch Network: Compared to larger banks, its branch network is smaller, potentially limiting customer reach in certain areas.
  • Macroeconomic Risks: A broader economic slowdown in India could lead to loan defaults and impact the bank’s overall performance.
  • Smaller Market Share: Compared to established giants like HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank’s market share is still relatively small. This makes it vulnerable to competition and fluctuations in market sentiment.
  • Intense Competition: The Indian banking sector is fiercely competitive, with established players, new fintech companies, and even non-traditional players vying for market share. Gaining and retaining a significant share will be challenging.

idfc first bank Share Price Target 2025 by Motilal Oswal, Moneycontrol, Walletinvestor

Sr. NoAnalyst NameShare Price Target
1Motilal OswalDoes Not Declare Yet
2MoneycontrolDoes Not Declare Yet
3WalletinvestorDoes Not Declare Yet

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