DOPBNK Full Form, What is DOPBNK SMS? DOPBNK Full Form in english, DOPBNK DETAILS, DOPBNK Message check
DOPBNK Full Form, What is DOPBNK SMS? DOPBNK Full Form in english, DOPBNK DETAILS, DOPBNK Message check

DOPBNK Full Form, What is DOPBNK SMS?

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Nowadays, the methods of online fraud have increased a lot, many types of frauds are being done through SMS also. Have you ever noticed that a message in the name of DOPBNK has come in your mobile, which looks exactly like a bank transaction, in such a situation it becomes very important for you to know why does DOPBNK SMS come, what is DOPBNK Full Form?
Whenever we receive such messages, we get confused as to why we received this message and what is this message about. And different kinds of questions start coming in the mind, whether this message is fraudulent, because in today’s time, we hear about fraud and cyber crime every day.
If you have also received a message in the name of DOP Bank and want to know what is DOP Bank message then there is nothing to worry, these are not any kind of fraud issues, in this article I will tell you about DOPBNK full form & DOPBNK SMS. Will give detailed information about it.

DOPBNK Full Form

The full form of DOPBNK is Department of Post Bank. Its Comes under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India.

What is DOPBNK ?

DOPBNK is also known as Indian Postal Department Bank. This DOPBNK comes under the Ministry of Communication i.e. Ministry of Communication of the Government of India. This means that whatever message you receive in the name of DOPBNK, it is sent by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.From which we clearly know that this is not a fraud message because the Ministry of Communications is a legal and certified organization of the Government of India.

Name of BankIndia Post Payment Bank (IPPB)
DOPBNK SMS Meaning Post Bank Department

What is Meaning of DOPBNK SMS ?

DOPBNK is a sender through which you receive this message. The messages that come in your mobile will often be seen in the form of ID-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, BV-DOPBNK, BZ_DOPBNK, BH-DOPBNK etc.
If you receive such a message, then for your information, the first letter of this message is of your mobile network and the second letter is of the name of your city and after it a dash (-) DOPBNK is written.
For example, if you use Airtel SIM in your mobile then the first letter of the message will be “A” and if you live in Mumbai (Maharashtra) then the second letter will be “M” and after that a dash (-) will mean DOPBNK will remain written. In this way this message will appear like AM-DOPBNK.

Some DOPBNK SMS Example

Account No. XXXXXX008 CREDIT
with amount Rs. 10000.00 on
10-8-2023. Balance: Rs 29560.00

Account No. XXXXXX0564 CREDIT
with amount Rs. 485.00 on
15-12-2023. Balance: Rs 2460.00

Why i receive DOPBNK SMS ?

You have received DOPBNK SMS because you have an account with the Postal Bank Department, or you may be availing any banking service of the Postal Bank Department.
Postal Bank Department provides various services to its customers like money transfer, bill payment, amount transaction etc. When a customer does a banking transaction in the Postal Bank Department, a message comes on his registered mobile number in the name of DOPBNK, which contains information about your transaction.

What if I dont have any account in India Post Payment Bank or neither i do any transaction in IPPB & still receive message from DOPBNK ?

You may have received these DOPBNK SMS due to wrong phone number linked to this number at the bank’s end. This is not going to harm you but is a problem for person whose account is wrongly linked.
You should ignore this.


What does Dopbnk mean?

Dopbnk means Department of Post Bank.

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