What is Rain Cryptocurrency ?

Rain is not a Cryptocurrency its is Exchange for buy sell trade cryptocurrecy in Middle East.

Is Rain a Cryptocurrency ?

Yes,Rain has acquired the Crypto-Asset Module (CRA) license from the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).

Is Rain  Cryptocurrency safe ?

 It was founded in 2017 by four entrepreneurs, Abdullah Almoaiqel, AJ Nelson, Joseph Dallago, and Yehia Badawy.

Who owns Rain Exchange ?

Now only four major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin,Ethereum & XRP available for trade.

What are the cryptocurrencies available in Rain?

Buy via bank transfer: 1.5% Buy via card: 4% Sell: 1.5% Swap: 1.5%

What is Rain Fees ?

Rain runs exchange in different Middle Eastern Countries (Bahrain, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, and UAE).

In which countries Rain Exchange working ?

In Kingdon of Bahrain.

Where is Headquarter of Rain Exchange ?

On Google Play Store - 3.2. On Apple Store -3.2.

Review of Rain Cryptocurrency Exchange

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