How Warren Buffett Investing in Cryptocurrency ?

Warren Buffett alwz told about crypto "" Rat poison, venereal disease, unproductive asset, contrary to the interests of civilization and more "

Legendary investors and Berkshire Hathaway bosses Warren Buffett now changing his mind set towards Cryptocurrency.

Berkshire Hathaway recently purchased shares worth about $1 billion in NuBank

NuBank, a digital,  neobank, one of the largest digital financial services providers in Latin America

Nubank is a Brazilian neobank and the largest fintech bank in Latin America. Its headquarters are located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Nubank was founded in 2013 by Colombian David Vélez, Brazilian Cristina Junqueira and American Edward Wible.

 Nubank officially launched its public IPO offering on the NYSE in December 09, 2021, valuing the company at US$45 billion.

 Nubank a Digital Bank, with is variety of Financial Products they also help in trading of Cryptocurrency.

 After Warren Buffett, Now your turn to Invest in  Cryptocurrency 


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