Twin Tower Noida Demolition Case

 Twin Tower Noida Demolition Case

Owner of Twin Tower

Twin tower build by Supertech Group, R K Arorra owner of this Group

Twin Tower Area

The Noida Twin Towers have more than 900 flats and cover an area of approximately 7.5 lakh sq. feet.

Project Cost of Twin Tower

40 Storey Twin Tower Total Cost is Approx 70 Crores, total area is 7.5 Lac Sq Feet.

 Cost of Twin Tower Demolition

Demolition cost is Rs.20 crores which bear by supertech group.

  Twin Tower Demolition Reason

In Aug 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition

40 storey Building construction violated the minimum distance requirement 

Distance between two  high rise building  should be 16 mt. but in twin tower its only 9 mt.

  Twin Tower Name

The twin towers (Apex and Ceyane) present in Sector 93A Noida. One buildings height of 103 metres & other is 97-metre tall.

  Twin Tower Demolition

3,700 kg of explosives use, which  brought from Palwal (Haryana) It is mix of dynamite, emulsions and plastic explosives

  Twin Tower Demolition Date

The Supertech’s illegal twin towers are all set to be demolished on Sunday, 28 August.

 Total Loss to Supertech Group

Tota Rs.400 Loss to Supertech group for demolition of twin tower.

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