Digital Rupee Cryptocurrency

When Digital Rupee Launch in India ?

As Per 2022 budget, RBI Launched Digital Rupess in Year 2023.

Is Digital Rupee Different from Cryptocurrency ?

Yes, Its Toatally different from Cryprocurrency, it will used for digital transaction under RBI.

What is Digital Rupee using Blockchain  ? 

NO, It will work under Gov & RBI Monitoring. not like Blockchain have many servers. 

Who is Making Digital Rupee in india ?

It is making by CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency by RBI.

What is Price of Indian Digital Currency ?

Price not Declared by Gov of India.

How Digital Rupee different from Cryptocurrency ?

Digital rupee doesnt need any encryption & data stored by gov body but in crypto required encryption.

Is Cryptocurrency banned in India?

No, Its not banned nor permitted in india but 30% tax will charge by Gov.

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